AirAsia #QZ8501 - Heading back to port

January 8, 2015 - via Teledyne Gavia

Today's report is from Páll and Bachir

From Páll:
The team is now in the area that we were moved to since the last report. We do believe important targets may be located nearby. The weather is bad, 3-4 meter waves, so the ROV and diver efforts were suspended but the AUV was deployed to try to positively identify one of the targets with the high frequency SSS. Due to high currents (over 2 knots) and the weather, the AUV had to abort before we were able to complete the mission. We hope to try again tonight/tomorrow.

We were boarded by the main investigation team from the SAR, which may indicate that this is one of the main targets of interest and we are hopeful that we can try again to get the positive identification of target.

Report later from Bachir:
The team will be returning to port tonight as the KN Trisula will need to replenish fuel and consumables.

It is likely that the AUV team will be demobilised and will spend a night in Pangkalan Bun especially as the weather has not shown signs of slowing down. Right now, wind speeds are in excess of 24 knots with swells up to 3m high, which makes it impossible to launch anything and the poor conditions are likely to persist over the next few days.

Once we are in Pangkalan Bun (est 0100hrs ID time,11th January), the AUV team will talk with the  BPPT on the next plan of action.

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