Search for AirAsia QZ8501 - Day 3

January 6, 2015 - via Teledyne Gavia

Day 3 – January 6, 2015
The post today is from Rizal Shah with input from Bachir Ouzani from Java Offshore. Páll Arnar Þorsteinsson, Teledyne Gavia’s Service Technician, is enroute to the search site and will be out of communication for the next few days.  Here is the latest information from the Java Offshore team.

The AUV Team has mobilised the systems onboard the Indonesian Coast Guard Vessel, KN Trisula. The mobilisation started at 1500hrs (Indonesian time) with transit to the search location expected to take approximately ten hours and will most likely launch the AUV at daylight (subject to weather conditions). Ballasting and calibration of the vehicle will be done prior to sailing.

At the moment, the AUV will be used to support the scouting mission currently conducted by BPPT's research vessel, RV Baruna Jaya 1. The area of search has been assigned by BASARNAS (National Agency overseeing the Search and Rescue Mission).

It is expected that the team will be at the site for approximately 3 to 5 days before returning to Port. Unfortunately, there is no Vsat onboard the KN Trisula, so communication will be limited.

It is likely (but not confirmed as of yet) that upon returning to Port, the team may be transferred onboard MV Java Imperia for the next mission. The Java Imperia (owned by Java Offshore) will be arriving at Pangkalan Bun tomorrow evening and will support the search starting Thursday. It is still unknown yet where we will be surveying with the Java Imperia but hopefully, by tomorrow we will receive some information.

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