March 11, 2014 - via Teledyne TSS

Following a two-year development programme, Teledyne TSS is previewing a complete new family of advanced AHRS and INS (Inertial Navigation and Attitude and Heading Reference Systems) named Saturn at the Oceanology exhibition in London on 11 March.

The Saturn family is based upon fibre-optic technology developed and manufactured by Teledyne TSS. The family also incorporates advanced digital signal processing and algorithm design to deliver a highly accurate and reliable product to meet the demanding needs of the marine market. All units are compact, lightweight in both air and water and provide a unique alternative to competitive products.

As a world leader in gyro and motion sensor technology, Teledyne TSS has used its significant in-house expertise, coupled with feedback from industry, to design and manufacture the product at a price the market requires.

As the first tranche of a comprehensive product development programme, there are four versions of the Saturn family with two basic grades of accuracy available in both surface and subsea configurations. To summarise; the Saturn 10 has a heading accuracy of 0.1o sec. lat. RMS, with a pitch/roll accuracy of 0.01o. Heave accuracy 5% or 5cm.Saturn 30 has a heading accuracy of 0.3o sec. lat. RMS with a pitch/roll accuracy of 0.2o. Heave accuracy 5% or 5cm.

Both subsea versions use titanium casings rated to 4000m as standard.

The Saturn product family has been specifically designed to fulfill demanding maritime operations at a truly affordable price and to be routine maintenance free.

The Saturn 10 systems are designed to support the offshore construction, ROV, surface navigation and multibeam survey sectors where reliability, competitive pricing and performance are essential.

The Saturn 30 systems are designed as a solid-state attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) for primary surface and subsea navigation. They are compact and highly reliable units which make them ideal for all sizes of vessel and especially for smaller craft such as fast ferries, yachts and small patrol craft where space is at a premium.

Teledyne TSS has over a century of experience in the maritime industry. As a well-known supplier of marine gyros and marine instrumentation products it is a trusted and respected company, known to listen to its customers and to be responsive in the supply of reliable and accurate products at a competitive price.

The company’s headquarters are located in a purpose-built modern facility in Watford UK, where it also produces a wide range of motion sensors and subsea pipe and cable detection systems and from where it controls a global network of representatives, distributors and service facilities.


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