CodaOctopus Introduces Underwater Survey Explorer 6 for Echoscope Sonars

August 21, 2014 - via Coda Octopus

CodaOctopus recently announced the release of Version 6 of CodaOctopus Underwater Survey Explorer. This is a new major release of its innovative visualization and processing software suite for the Echoscope range of real-time 3D sonars.

This new version provides the next generation platform supporting the latest complementary hardware tools and features for improved capability, performance and precision.
Key new features include:

  •  Patch Test provides an easy-to-use means of calibrating your Echoscope installation to provide repeatable data for survey and mapping applications. Find out more about patch test in version 6 here;
  • -Native support is provided for the CodaOctopus IPT range of Pan and Tilt systems and for the new Time-Lock Power Supply Units providing millisecond-accurate time-stamping on sonar data;
  • -New Fixed Views feature allowing the operator to quickly switch between fixed views such as Plan View and Elevations;
  • Enhanced Coordinate Reference System featuring more options and including full support for US Survey Feet;
  • Enhanced User Interface with latest look and feel.

CodaOctopus’ development team is working on a host of further new features and enhancements which will build on the advantages of moving to the version 6 platform

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