RJE Introduces SEEKER Acoustic Receivers for Subsea Vehicles

August 1, 2014 - via RJE International

RJE International, Inc. is changing the way subsea vehicle navigate with the SEEKER acoustic receivers. A cost effective solution to marking and relocating equipment or sites in deep water environments where only subsea vehicles can operate.

These small compact directional receivers can track and locate common underwater acoustic beacons that operate from 25 to 45Khz.

In addition, the SEEKER receivers can also become an interrogator to accurately locate underwater transponders. Designed to operate in depths of up to 6000 meters, the SEEKER acoustic receivers interface with the vehicle through a RS232 data interface and software that is provided with the unit.

Already in use by Oceaneering Technologies for submersible navigation and the Danish Coast Guard for aircraft “Black Box Recovery”, the SEEKER acoustic receivers are another example of innovation from RJE International.

External link: http://subseaworldnews.com/2014/08/01/rje-introduces-seeker-acoustic-receivers-for-subsea-vehicles/

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