Big AUV count rise seen for next five years by Douglas-Westwood

June 13, 2014 - via Douglas-Westwood

CANTERBURY, UK – The global AUV fleet with increase 42% in 2014-2018, compared to the five years preceding that, predicts Douglas Westwood. The total fleet is forecast to be 825 units, including those in the military sector.

In its “World AUV Market Forecast 2014-2018,” Douglas-Westwood says to expect the highest growth market to be the commercial sector, including the offshore oil and gas industry.

Development in areas such as sensing, battery duration, and tracking stability have increased the number of applications in areas such as life-of-field monitoring, pipeline inspections, and rig moves.

DW predicts that North America will continue to dominate global AUV expenditure, predominantly on military unmanned technology, although the region’s market share is forecast to decrease from 64% in 2014 to 60% by 2018.
Africa and Latin America are set to experience the highest growth, driven by deepwater oil and gas activities in presalt areas. Demand in Asia will be varied with research activities in Japan, deepwater expenditure in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, and military investment in China.

Recent fleet expansions are seen from Fugro and UTEC, for instance.

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