Quadrant EPP Showcases Innovations in Plastics, Polymers and Composites for Unmanned Vehicles

May 12, 2014 - via Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products

Reading, PA (May 12, 2014) Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (EPP), the global leading manufacturer of machinable plastics and composites, visits the AUVSI 2014 unmanned vehicle trade show on May 13-15, 2014.

Quadrant will be showcasing the latest innovations in composites, thermoplastics and polymers used in the design andfabrication of unmanned vehicle systems (UV's). Quadrant's materials have a reputation for providing solutions with measurable results, durability, their ability to withstand harsh environments, their resistance to hydraulic fluids and aviation fuels without corrosion -- all with zero lubrication.

Unmanned vehicles operate without a person ("man") and are often preferred for missions that are too dull, dirty, and/or dangerous for manned vehicles. Very often this means operating in extreme terrain and harsh environments involving weather, distance, airspace, undersea pressures and severe temperatures. Since the beginning of UV technology, Quadrant has been working closely with design engineers to deliver materials that are not only innovative but are also practical in cost for their applications.

"Just look at Quadrant Duratron® materials... superior performance in extreme heat environments, withstanding temperatures upwards of 600ºF guaranteeing structural and tribological reliability. This is the go-to material line for space vehicles: satellites, rovers, the International Space Station, and even the US Air Force's X-37B Unmanned Orbiter. They are materials that retain their physical properties at cryogenic temperatures and have acceptable outgassing properties," says Rick Hilblom, Application Development Manager.

"Due to Quadrant's advancements in material technology, unmanned vehicles are experiencing performance improvements due to superior part design as well as lighter weight components that greatly enhance durability -- all at a lower cost for the production part development, which is not otherwise achievable with traditional materials such as metals and alloys," says Rick.

Quadrant offers the widest range of high-quality, lightweight, high-wear resistance polymers and composites specially developed for Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV), Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUV), and Unmanned Spacecraft. Quadrant materials have a proven record of success in marine, ground, and aerospace applications by global governments, law enforcement agencies, homeland defense departments and robotics industry.

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