US Navy Plans to Release Draft RFP for the Restart of the Mark 48 Torpedo

December 13, 2013 - via Inside The Navy

The Navy intends to release a draft request for proposals in the middle of fiscal year 2014 for the Mark 48 Mod 7 heavyweight torpedo all up round restart, according to industry day slides posted on Federal Business Opportunities.
The MK48 AUR program must be restarted because of obsolescence. The redesign eliminates obsolete parts and components from existing technical data packages. The torpedo is the Navy's primary submarine launched anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare weapon.

The weapon is a self-propelled underwater vehicle that contains complex electronic and mechanical sub assembly systems for providing propulsion, steering, navigation and target detection. "The system technologies include acoustic sonar, guidance and control electronics, electrical power, hydraulic systems, mechanical pumps, and propulsion," the request for information that accompanied the FBO notice reads.

The service is looking to award two multiple year procurements, each with a base year and four options, for the guidance and control and afterbody/tailcone sections for the torpedo. The program office is focused on awarding contracts to companies committed to minimizing cost, creating efficiencies and reducing risk, according to the slides.

There are four separate torpedo sections: nose guidance and control section; warhead section; warshot fuel tank section; and afterbody section. Each torpedo section requires assembly, integration and testing, the RFI reads.
The Navy plans to increase the inventory of MK48 AURs over several years. The service plans to buy anywhere from five to 50 torpedoes per year.

The final RFP release is planned for the first quarter of FY-15 with an award slated for the second quarter of FY-16.

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Author:Lee Hudson

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