Turkish company to present UUVs in Baku

December 7, 2013 - via GATE Electronik

[ 07 December 2013 12:45 ]Baku.  - APA. Turkish GATE Electronics company will present unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) in Baku.

APA reports quoting GATE Electronics company that the presentation will be organized at the request of Azerbaijani Armed Forces.
Company representatives said that Azerbaijan is interested in UUVs of GATE Electronics, but didn’t reveal in which of them.
GATE Electronics company is producing “Canaqqala” vehicle to sweep underwater mines, “Gelibolu” remote-operated civilian unmanned ground vehicles, “Milli AUV” Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and GMK-C underwater observation tool.

External link: http://en.apa.az/xeber_turkish_company_to_present_uuvs_in_baku__203871.html

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Author:Rashad Suleymanov

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