DOD SBIR/STTR's Released

November 20, 2013 - via US Department of Defense


Questions that deal with the technical aspect of a specific topic in the DoD SBIR FY2014.1 Solicitation will be accepted in SITIS through January 8, 2014. Once DoD begins accepting proposals on December 20, 2013, questions may only be submitted through the SITIS system because direct contact between proposers and topic authors is no longer allowed.

AUV related 2014 14.1 SBIRs

N141-008      Navy  Power scaling of blue lasers with high peak-power and repetition rate for detection of underwater objects

N141-018      Navy  Efficient 3-D Imaging of Vessels for Improved Classification and Persistent Tracking

N141-026      Navy  Innovative Velocity Sensors

N141-048      Navy  LCS Unmanned Vehicle Sensor Data Compression

N141-053      Navy  Compact High Speed Signal Processor

N141-058      Navy  High Sea State Automated Deployment and Retrieval of Towed Bodies from a Small Surface Platform

N141-059      Navy  Threat Agnostic, Guided Expendable Decoy (TAgGED)

N141-061      Navy  Sensing and Control Technology to Assist in Vehicle Launch and Recovery

N141-066      Navy   Low-Profile, Broadband, Shear-Mode SONAR Transducer for Deep Submergence Applications

N141-070      Navy  In-node Processing for Low Power Target Detection, Classification, Localization, & Tracking

N141-076      Navy  Attention-Based Vision for Autonomous Vehicles

N141-081      Navy  Signals of Opportunity as a Covert Alternative Fix Source for Submarines While Submerged

OSD14.1-AU1  OSD Biometrics for Human-machine Team Feedback in Autonomous Systems

OSD14.1-AU4  OSD  Safety Testing for Autonomous Systems in Simulation

SB141-005    DARPA  Feature Based Localization and Navigation for Miniature Underwater Vehicles


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