Autonomous Systems Workshop at Ocean Business 2013

March 20, 2013 - via Ocean Business 2013

Marine Industries Alliance to ask: Is the UK investing enough in Maritime Autonomous Systems?

Chancellor George Osborne has highlighted Robotics and Autonomous Systems as one of the Eight Great Technologies for growth. The Natural Environment Research Council recently announced it is to receive £10m over the next two years for marine robotics through the National Oceanography Centre. The Technology Strategy Board is roadmapping the wider possibilities for Robotics and Autonomy and a number of companies are investing their own money in developing systems.

Research suggests that global expenditure on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles will total $2.3 billion over the next decade. There is also potential for surface and aerial systems. Market demand seems strong especially in marine science and naval defence.

However, such systems face a number of technical, economic and practical challenges. The UK Marine Industries Alliance is investigating the potential for overcoming the most significant challenges through joint investment by industry, Government and academia. It wants to know whether the UK could expand its industrial capability in this sector. Interest is already being shown by UK companies, Government departments and academic institutions.

This workshop will review current demand and supply for autonomous systems, especially in the marine science sector, and draw conclusions on the merits of a development centre for the UK. The discussion will be set in the context of the UK’s Marine Industries Growth Strategy, 2011.

The workshop will be run by Alliance strategy manager, Patrick Carnie, with support from Ocean Business, the National Oceanography Centre and QinetiQ. The Alliance brings together Trade Associations, companies, Government and academia to grow the UK marine industries. Find out more about it and its growth strategy at

The workshop will be held at Ocean Business 2013, on Wednesday 10th April 1500–1700, Conference Room 344/32. Ocean Business is FREE to attend, for more information and to register, please visit

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