Director Sought for the Center for Marine Robotics

March 20, 2013 - via WHOI

The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) seeks a founding Director for its new Center for Marine Robotics (CMR). WHOI is a world leader in marine robotics, including research, development, and operations of all types of advanced vehicles and sensors and is now creating a new Center for Marine Robotics to advance its research in robotics and autonomous systems for science, security, and industry. The WHOI Center for Marine Robotics will establish a vision of the future of marine robotics through world class research and development, create new technologies, prove them in real-world operations, and apply them to societal problems and economic development through new private-sector partnerships.

The founding Director will build and establish the center's research activities and reputation and foster partnerships with other academic institutions, industry and government to advance the basic knowledge of marine robotics and speed its application to a broad range of uses in the coming decades. The Center Director will report to the WHOI President and will work with internal and external advisory groups for guidance of the Center. The Director will represent the Center to its external partners and constituencies and convene them regularly to report on progress and develop new activities.

The CMR Director will be appointed to an exempt administrative position, with compensation commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate.


  • Work collaboratively with WHOI Principal Investigators, Technical Staff and external research partners
  • Develop, implement and update a strategic plan and research agenda for CMR
  • Develop and maintain industrial, government, and private sponsors
  • Select and manage other administrative staff for CMR
  • Administer CMR/WHOI policies and processes for internal governance, and external relationships
  • Develop and manage Intellectual Property and Licensing for CMR R&D results consistent with WHOI policies
  • Report on a regular basis to the WHOI Directorate, the CMR Advisory Board and WHOI trustees
  • Communicate with decision-makers and the public about the uses and future of marine robotics and the role and activities of the CMR


  • Ph.D. (or comparable qualification and experience) in relevant research field of engineering and robotics
  • Record of leadership in scientific and/or engineering research
  • Experience in managing an R&D organization
  • Proven track record with industry and entrepreneurship (especially robotics and energy) and government (especially US Navy)
  • Experience working in the marine environment
  • Broad familiarity with robotics and engineering research beyond the marine environment
  • Familiarity with legal aspects of Intellectual Property management and regulatory aspects of robotic technology
  • Technological and organizational vision, strong communications skills


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