OCEANS ’13 MTS/IEEE San Diego Call for Abstracts

February 28, 2013 - via Oceans'13 MTS/IEEE San Diego

The OCEANS conference a major forum for scientists, engineers and those with an interest in the oceans to gather and exchange their knowledge and ideas regarding the future of the world’s oceans. Oceans 13 is scheduled for September 23-26 in San Diego.  Please consider submitting an abstract to this international conference.

The deadline for abstract submission will be May 3, 2013.  To submit an abstract, visit the OCEANS' 13 MTS/IEEE San Diego website.

Topics and Themes

Abstract Types
Abstracts may be submitted in one of three categories:
    1.    Standard IEEE/OES Paper - abstract, paper, technical session or poster presentation, publication in IEEE Xplore.  Poster presentation of a paper, if the author chooses the option, is at the discretion of the Technical Program Chair.

    2.    Student Poster Contest - abstract, paper, poster presentation, Publication in IEEE Xplore

    3.    Special Sessions (Workshops, Forums, etc.) - abstract and presentation, no publication
Standard and Student Poster submissions should be made on-line through the conference website.  Contact the Technical Program Chair for submission to Special Sessions.

Abstract Submission
Paper proposals (extended abstracts) of approximately 500-1000 words and including equations and figures should be submitted in English
    •    Abstracts should clearly explain the intended paper and its technical significance
    •    Abstracts should be two pages long, including figures, equations, and references
    •    Abstracts must be submitted on-line via the conference website and must be uploaded in PDF format
    •    Abstracts must be original work
    •    Abstracts shall not be advertisements nor overly commercial

The deadline for abstract submission will be May 3, 2013.
For more information please contact Barbara Fletcher, Technical Program Chair


External link: http://www.oceans13mtsieeesandiego.org/index.cfm

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