Conductive Polymers Integrate Antennas Into an Electronic Device Housing

December 18, 2012 - via NASA Tech Briefs

Micron-sized conductive fibers within a thermoplastic matrix enable polymeric antennas that can be molded in various shapes and sizes. The polymer antenna technology can even become an integral part of a device housing, thus reducing part count, concealing itself, and simplifying the manufacturing process. With adhesion, the lead is attached to the antenna’s central receptor patch.

The polymer antenna technology inherently has a broader bandwidth than those of wire or sheet antennas. The thermoplastic structural material can be any of several polymers or copolymers, and it can also be extruded and mixed with conductive fibers. The lightweight, corrosion-resistant polymer antenna technology is useful for all short- and medium-range radio frequency applications, such as wireless routers, mobile phones, Bluetooth, and radios.

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