More New Packing Requirements for Lithium Batteries

December 13, 2012 - via IATA

Changes on Lithium batteries in the Dangerous Goods Regulation

Effective 01 January 2013, several changes will come into play for lithium ion and lithium metal battery shipments. These changes are rather technical in nature, so they are highlighted here for reference:

  • New quantity limits for batteries and for cells in Section II

  • New Section IB for lithium batteries and cells

  • New training requirements for employees preparing shipments

  • New IATA Transport document for shipment of section IB and most section II batteries
New limits for net mass and number of batteries for Section II batteries and cells

  • New labeling requirements for Lithium ion batteries shipped with equipment under PI 966

  • New Air Waybill statement for Lithium ion batteries installed in equipment under PI 967
And a lot more…

When shipping these articles, do not forget to consider the area of the world they are being shipped to.  Some nations do not allow any air shipments of lithium batteries and some areas of the world have additional restrictions.
Lithium battery shipping is about to get much more complicated.

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