New Processing Technology from Perfect Lithium Yields Cheaper and Durable Batteries

September 29, 2012 - via Perfect lithium

Perfect Lithium, the Vancouver-based manufacturer of materials employed in lithium ion batteries, is in the process of perfecting an innovative technology that can be applied in the production of existing as well as future cathode materials possessing high energy density.

Such materials will reduce the cost of production and improve the performance of lithium ion batteries which are used in electric vehicles, electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets and in industrial energy storage.

The new materials processing technology is the work of Dr. Teresita Frianeza-Kullberg, an expert in industrial lithium chemistry, in conjunction with engineer Dan Blondal backed by the support of Vancouver-based entrepreneur and investor, John Lando. Dr. Kullberg is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer and co-CEO of Perfect Lithium. She has been awarded more than 25 patents for processes pertaining to lithium.

The performance of batteries is limited by the energy storing capabilities of metals that make up the battery. Perfect Lithium has devised a technique to produce materials with higher energy storing capabilities at low costs suitable for various formulations of cathode and anode. The chemical synthetic process of preparing lithium ion materials adopted by Perfect Lithium cuts down manufacture time to just one day as opposed to four or five days needed for the conventional solid state synthesis process. The process used by Perfect Lithium enhances energy density, capacity and ion flow by the engineering of a nanostructure in the lithium ion material that allows the electrolytes to permeate deep into the material.

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Author:Nick Gilbert

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