Phoenix Purchases Bluefin 21 AUV

June 27, 2012 - via Phoenix International Holdings

Washington, DC – Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) recently purchased a Bluefin- 21 Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) from Bluefin Robotics Corp. This highly capable underwater vehicle comes with a “state-of-the-art” survey payload suite that includes side scan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, multibeam echosounder, and digital camera. An onboard Inertial Navigation System and an Ultrashort Baseline System capability provides for accurate
navigation and positioning of the vehicle. The system’s small size permits mobilization on Vessels of Opportunity while its modular design and field swappable batteries allow for rapid turn-around times which results in more efficient operations. The vehicle, batteries, and support equipment are designed to be easily broken down and packaged for rapid shipment, an ideal feature essential to Phoenix’s need to support worldwide operations on short notice and in
remote regions.

In its current configuration, the Phoenix Bluefin 21 can operate in water depths of up to 1500 meters. This depth range will be extended to 4500 meters in late 2012, giving Phoenix the ability to perform search and survey operations in 75% of the world’s oceans.

Phoenix is offering its global AUV services to customers in the military, government agencies, the ocean research community, oil and gas industry, as well as to those with interests in archaeological and cultural resource investigations. Mike Kutzleb, President of Phoenix, says “The Bluefin AUV is an excellent addition to our current inventory of underwater systems, and gives us the ability to provide more comprehensive services to our customers worldwide.”

Phoenix provides manned and unmanned underwater operations, design engineering, and project management services to clients in the offshore oil & gas, defense, and other ocean-interest industries worldwide. Expertise is available from six regional offices in the areas of wet and dry hyperbaric welding, conventional and atmospheric diving, robotic systems, and tooling. Our capabilities support; underwater inspection, maintenance and repair; construction; deep ocean search & recovery; and submarine rescue.

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