New Journal: International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems

June 12, 2012 - via Emerald Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Editorial Objectives
The International Journal of Intelligent Unmanned Systems (IJIUS) is the official journal of the International Society of Intelligent Unmanned Systems. The journal is dedicated to the advancement of the applied science, technology and know-how of unmanned systems through the dissemination of original research work representing significant advances in the design, development, testing and operation of unmanned vehicles and systems for various applications.

IJIUS provides an appropriate platform for authors and researchers for communicating their latest findings, and is an ideal resource for the relevant communities in academia, government and industry seeking the latest papers in the discipline.

Editorial Criteria
The editor is particularly interested in receiving high quality original research articles, review articles, point-of-view articles, correspondence, technical notes, conference reports and historical commentaries in the area of unmanned systems covering ground, underwater, aerial and space domains.

The coverage of the journal includes, but is not limited to:
    •    Unmanned aerial vehicles
    •    Micro air vehicles
    •    Air balloons and blimps
    •    Ground robotics
    •    Satellite and spacecraft technologies
    •    Missiles and rocketry
    •    Unmanned underwater vehicles
    •    Autonomous control of unmanned vehicles
    •    Intelligent system applications for unmanned vehicles
    •    Swarm and multi-agent systems
    •    Distributed and coordinated control of multi vehicle systems
    •    Biomimetic and biologically inspired design of vehicles
    •    Modelling and simulation technologies for unmanned systems.

Key Benefits
    •    IJIUS is the only journal that covers the area of unmanned systems in all four domains: space, aerial, ground, and underwater.
    •    IJIUS provides an excellent platform for timely publication of all authors or researchers working in the areas relevant to unmanned system technologies.

Key Journal Audiences
    •    Researchers
    •    Scientists
    •    Practitioners
in the area of unmanned systems

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