WFS launch latest subsea wireless modem in seatooth®range:

May 3, 2012 - via WFS Technologies

(Livingston, Scotland, May 3, 2012) seatooth® S100 from WFS Technologies is the latest wireless subsea modem from the WFS seatooth® range, officially launched this week at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas. A mobile, compact, low power, wireless modem suitable for a variety of underwater applications with an optional 8MB integrated memory for use as a datalogger, seatooth® S100 will provide a reliable digital wireless communication link or logging device up to 3m even in challenging deep water conditions (with no wet-mate connection)

seatooth® S100 is available in a variety of configurations. A selection of housings offers various depth rating options from 100m –3000m and an unpackaged OEM version available for easy integration. S100 has standard interfaces for wireless data communication with underwater vehicles and so can be set-up swiftly for a temporary “plug and play” deployment.

Power consumption is optimized for longer missions with a “wake up from sleep” function where the modem turns on if radio signal/serial data input is detected. S100 offers a choice of external power or internal battery pack dependant on application.

Integration of S100 for subsea operations offers benefits in SAFETY: additional layer of redundancy for challenging operations or independent storage and data recovery for black box applications, IMPROVED EFFICIENCY: No hard cabling, simple deployment and retrofit and access to wireless sensors in “hard to reach areas”as well as being cost effective compared to a dedicated data retrieval mission and is particularly suited to INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT applications with real-time, shorterdownload times, and faster access to data, —no wet mate connectors and reduced cost of intervention and surface support not required.

seatooth® is a range of subsea modems that transmit data and video through water and through the water-air boundary.Available as a standard sized modem, as a hybrid solution with camera, acoustic or power transfer capability, or as PCB only for OEM integration, seatooth®signal is not affected by an acoustically noisy environment, presence of contaminants or by the effects of shallow, congested or turbid waters making it suitable for applications in an offshore environment.

“The fact that seatooth® S100 is compact and simple to deploy even for temporary operations, is low power and needs no wet mate connection, makes itideal to improve safety and increase operational effectiveness across a huge variety of subsea applications,” says Ian Crowther, Sales & Marketing Director at WFS. “We are seeing significant interest in S100 as a both temporary and permanent wireless replacement for subsea connectors, to enable wireless data harvest using ROV, support to integrity management applications now to support datalogger applications.”

For more information about seatooth® S100 or to arrange a demonstration, please contact info@wfs-tech.comor visit us at

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