New BIRNS Aurora LEP Light

April 18, 2012 - via Birns

OXNARD, CA – BIRNS, Inc., an ISO 9001:2008-certified global leader in the design and manufacture of unique lines of high performance lights, connectors, penetrators and custom cable assemblies for severe environments has launched the most powerful, cutting-edge underwater vehicle light on the market: the BIRNS Aurora™.  This new high intensity Light Emitting Plasma (LEP) deep submergence light provides dazzling 14,000 lumen brilliance to usher in the next generation of extreme depth subsea lighting systems.

LEP is an exciting new lighting technology that is a more powerful and efficient alternative to LED, Tungsten Halogen and Metal Halide lighting.  Its light sources use a solid-state device to generate Radio Frequency (RF) energy to power a plasma light source.  Unlike traditional metal halide lights, the BIRNS Aurora does not require metal electrodes to drive power into the source, thus has a more robust quartz vessel.  This unique LEP light has a 30,000 hour lamp life, and produces a continuous spectrum, and delivers an exceptionally high lumen density—in fact, the single bulb (approximately 2 mm long) produces a blazing 14,000 lumens of brilliant white light at 5,300K, at a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 94.

The potent BIRNS Aurora offers physical dimensions that are smaller and more efficient than costly metal halide systems, and is engineered with a robust aluminum housing with a tempered 6km borosilicate glass lens.  It has an overall length of just 11”, and a housing length of 5.5’’, so it’s immensely powerful, yet very low profile for a wide range of demanding applications.  With a mounting diameter of 2.5”, it can be tailored to fit large or small vehicles, and runs on 28Vdc with a 9.3A power draw.

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