Call for papers:IEEE/OES Baltic 2012 International Symposium

January 18, 2012 - via IEEE OES

Ocean: Past, Present and Future. Climate Change Research, Ocean Observation & Advanced Technologies for Regional Sustainability

1. Advanced Environmental Technologies and Integrated Ocean Observation Systems
Global Ocean Observation Systems; Satellite Systems; Remote Sensing; Real Time Measurements; Monitoring Systems; Data Collection, Analysis & Distribution; Data Standards & Calibration; Modeling; Sampling Techniques; Acoustic Techniques; Integrated Systems: Instrument Platforms; Drifting Buoy Networks; Pollution Control; Bio- Sensors; ROV’s, AUV’s and Gliders etc.; Oil Spill Measurements & Modeling.

2. Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems
Water Quality; Hydrology; Sediment Transport; Coastal processes; Biogeochemistry; Eutrophication; Marine Biodiversity; Food web effects; Natural Hazards; Ecosystem Modeling.

3. Activity in the Sea
Ecosystem Goods and Services; Fishery and Aquaculture; Renewable Energy; Gas pipelines; Fate of Munitions dumped at sea; Fate of Pollutants; Run-Off Pollution; Oil spills and Hazardous Material; Ocean Dumping.

4. Ecosystem-Based Management
Adaptation to Climate Change; Sustainable Development; Protection and Restoration; Remediation; Coastal Protection; Geographic Information Systems; Charting Coasts and Waterways; Cooperative Research Projects.

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