DSEi 2011: Atlas introduces Cobra for MCM

September 16, 2011 - via UVOnline

Atlas Elektronik has introduced a new concept for underwater mine clearing in the form of the  Cobra attachable head for its SeaFox UUV.

Serving as a 'mask' for the front end of the vehicle, it attaches itself to the mine while the vehicle manoeuvres away, Jens Kohlscheen, Product Manager for MCM and vessel systems for Atlas told Shephard at the DSEi exhibition in London on 15 September.

The Cobra is then disposed of, while the UUV remains intact, providing a cheaper option for historical mine clearance.
Under the 'simple principle', the Cobra is clipped onto the SeaFox, and has been produced by the company alongside ECS.

There are three methods of attachment to the target: nail attachment units, harpoon for soft-skinned targets, and magnetic grabs.

The system was demonstrated to potential customers in Open Spirit 2011 in August, from which the company received good feedback and is ready for orders.

Meanwhile, Atlas is also going to trial a 'system of systems' approach for its UUVs and USVs for the UK MoD, as well as for other foreign navies.

The testing will happen in October for 7-8 days, followed by two days of demonstrations, and will show how maritime unmanned systems can work together for MCM.

External link: http://www.shephard.co.uk/news/10036/

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