Damaged Underwater Glider Rescued by local fisherman off the coast of Long Island after Hurricane Irene

September 4, 2011 - via MARACOOS

Underwater Glider RU23 immediately before recovery by fishing vessel Elizabeth.  It suffered a lost wing and is surrounded by triggerfish.
RU23 was on a combined an IOOS/Navy mission from Massachusetts to New Jersey to map the regional structure of the warm surface water and cold bottom water.

It was damaged and suffered a small leak during Hurricane Irene. As a precaution, Rutgers glider pilots kept it at the surface for the remainder of the hurricane.   The glider was able to show the changing wind driven currents combined with the rotating inertial currents associated with the tail of the hurricane:

Immediately after the hurricane Jeff Yapalater (aka Big Mahi), MARACOOS Board Member, and Long Island recreational fisherman, organized a fishing vessel rescue from Babylon, Long Island.  Captain Todd Wolffert, along with his crew consisting of Bob Wanderer, Bob’s son Mark, and Kevin Winter, kindly volunteered their services and were able to recover RU23 from it’s perilous location near the NY harbor shipping lanes:

When the Elizabeth arrived at the glider’s location, the crew immediately saw it had suffered the loss of a wing and was surrounded by triggerfish, several of which were caught and kept for dinner the following day:

The crew was able to recover the glider. They then brought RU23 safely back to shore where is was picked up by Rutgers staff the following day:

This great rescue story is just one example of the strong pubic-private partnerships that have evolved through the IOOS program!

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Author:Todd Wolfert

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